National Braille Week Exhibition 2013

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Online Exhibition

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National Braille Week

National Braille Week
Watch this film to discover more about Braille, how it is produced and how it is taught in the 21st Century Read More ...

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Online Exhibition Live Now!

Happy World Sight Day everyone!We are pleased to anounce that our online exhibition is now live, as part of National Braille Week!  Learn about the history of Braille, find out about the... Read More ...

Pharmaceuticals using Braille

Since 30 October 2010 all medicines now have the name and the strength of the medicine displayed in Braille on the labelling.   In addition the patient information leaflet must be... Read More ...

Welcome to National Braille Week

National Braille Week takes place during the week that World Sight Day falls.  In 2013 it will run from the 7th to 13th October. Over the centuries Braille has had an enormous effect on the lives of millions of people across 120 countries worldwide. It is not a language but a code by which all languages may be written and read. The ability to read and write in Braille opens the door to literacy, intellectual freedom, equal opportunity, and personal security. It is an extremely important gateway to opportunity for the UK's blind or partially sighted people, enabling them to be more independent.
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